Important Facts About Maintaining Your Home's Exterior
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- Exterior Mold & Algae - The build up you see on your home and your roof's exterior is caused by the growth of algae. Indiana's warm and humid climate offers year round conditions that are perfect for mold and algae growth.
- How It Grows - Mold and algae grow because of a few factors, mainly being sunlight & heat, as well as the counter, darkness & dampness. Cool dark places offer algae and mold a perfect environment to start growing, often time this begins on the interior part of your homes siding. Eventually needing food (sunlight) for growth, algae begins to make its way from the cool dark places and into the sunlight, to foster its own growth. Just like humans, algae and mold are living organism that must. But in their own process they are destroying your home! For more information click the CDC logo Below.
- Damages - One of the major problems mold and algae can take a role in is destroy the underneath structure of your roof, compromising integrity and possibly causing $1,000's in damage to your home. For much less than the cost of a roof replacement, we at Pressure Pros can help you maintain the structural integrity of your home for years to come while saving YOU alot of money. Click the ARMA link below for more information.
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